Committee of Management






Marcus Rd - Ben Poole

Jacks Ave  - Catherine Brady




         Amanda Chenhall




Eloise March


Lauren Williams


OH&S Officer:


Michelle Ates

Enrolment Officer:


Laura Elliott


Support Co-ordinator:

Katie Rae


Social Co-ordinators:


Marcus Rd - Diva Grazzini
Jacks Ave  - Courtney Ngawaka


Maintenance Officers:










There are a variety of different ways that you can become involved in your child’s early education at Dingley Kindergarten Centres. All kindergartens rely heavily on parental involvement in the running of the Centre and by nominating for one of our Committee positions you can be a part of the decision-making team. The majority of roles do not have any prerequisites and most people find that involvement in the Committee is a very satisfying way of meeting others and forming lasting friendships.





  • Addresses any issues as President’s Business and reports on them at Committee meetings. The President can also call special meetings if and when required.
  • Oversees staff and Committee as well as communicates with parents at Marcus Road and Jacks Ave Kindergartens.
  • Coordinating the work of the Committee by delegating tasks as appropriate.
  • Keeping in touch with all individual members and keeping up to date with their progress.
  • Presents an Annual Report on the kindergarten year at the Annual General Meeting.
  • This position may require a Police check-in which Dingley Kindergartens will assist in obtaining.



  • Is required to assist the President as required.
  • Fill in for the President at meetings if he/she cannot be there.
  • Collect President’s mail should he/she be away.
  • Reviews, updates, and amends policies and procedures of the kindergarten annually. An ability to use a computer is an advantage.
  • Organises and liaises with cleaners.
  • This position may require a Police check-in which Dingley Kindergartens will assist on obtaining.



  • Responsible for preparing agendas for each monthly meeting and distributing them one week prior to the next meeting.
  • Recording and typing the minutes of each meeting, copying them and distributing to the Committee, Staff and Business Manager within one week of the meeting’s conclusion.
  • Responsible for the Committee’s documents and records.
  • Sends and receives correspondence on behalf of the Committee.
  • Responsible for checking mailboxes and passing it on to the relevant person.
  • Records incoming and outgoing mail. This task may be shared between the Secretary and President at their own discretion.
  • Files information
  • Any mail of specific importance should be reported at meetings.
  • It would be advantageous to be computer literate and have access to an IBM compatible PC using Microsoft Word.
  • Responsible for completing Data forms from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).
  • At AGM time, the Secretary is responsible for placing advertisements in newspapers and preparing documents for the event.
  • The continual updating of the Member of Association Register is an ongoing job throughout the year for the Secretary.
  • This position may require a Police check, in which Dingley Kindergartens will assist in obtaining.



  • Writing out receipts for monies collected.
  • Note: The Business Manager will be responsible for producing financial statements regarding the performance of the kindergarten on an annual budget and any statements/reports at monthly Committee meetings and as required by the Committee.
  • Produce fee receipts half-yearly.
  • This position may require a Police check-in which Dingley Kindergartens will assist on obtaining.



  • Responsible for checking in-trays at Marcus Road for new registration forms.
  • Updating enrolment lists and waiting lists. Provide updated lists to staff and committee at each monthly meeting.
  • Reporting at monthly meetings on such lists.
  • Responsible for sending out placement letters to families.
  • Keep the Secretary up to date with waiting lists so the Members of Association Register can be maintained.



  • Responsible for liaising with Kingston City Council as they process 4-year-old application forms and generate lists.
  • The 4-Year-Old Enrolment Officer is responsible for creating enrolment lists and waiting lists from the Council’s information/data.
  • Reporting at monthly meetings on such lists. Provide updated lists to staff and Committee at each monthly meeting.
  • Keep Kingston City Council, Staff and Business Manager updated of any changes that may arise.
  • Responsible for sending out placement letters to families and keep a tally of those who wish to accept their place, allocating places, individual group lists, etc.
  • Liaising with parents regarding their applications.



  • Responsible for planning and implementing any fundraising activities decided upon by the Committee during the year.
  • Arrange social events for families to participate in.
  • The fundraising Sub-Committee will assist with the organisation of events. The Sub-Committee comprises of a parent from each of the 3 year old and 4 year old groups to share the workload.
  • A folder of ideas will be passed on to you for the Sub-Committee to choose from.
  • Liaise with the Committee and Staff as to ideas planned and dates for implementation.
  • Attend Sub-Committee meetings (if required).
  • Reporting at monthly Committee meetings on the current progress of events being undertaken



  • The Support Co-Ordinator is responsible for finding relief staff if required
  • Co-ordinating any “special” events such as picture plates that require hands on supervision of the activity.
  • Assisting with the distribution of fundraising items to families when delivered to the kindergarten.



  • Ensure the Committee maintains a safe working environment
  • Conduct workplace inspections and Hazard assessments using the kindergartens’ Workplace Hazard Assessment Checklist every 6 months.
  • On completion of assessment, present findings to the Committee and set in place the kindergarten’s action plan where appropriate
  • On receipt of an injury report, the OH&S Representative shall arrange for an investigation of the incident/injury and set in place an action plan as appropriate
  • Keep the Committee updated on any changes to Workplace Health & Safety.




  • All Committee members are required to attend monthly meetings.
  • President, Vice President, Secretaries and Treasurer make up the Executive Committee.
  • You will be provided with a detailed outline of position requirements from the Committee Member you are replacing at the Handover Meeting. 




ADDITIONAL ROLES:  not required to attend monthly Committee Meetings


  • Responsible for a range of maintenance tasks.
  • Organise quotes and tradespeople in conjunction with the Staff to carry out maintenance jobs.
  • Inform teacher of the tasks undertaken and those needing attention.
  • Liaising with Kingston City Council in regards to maintenance tasks carried out by them.